Howth Castle & Grounds

Howth Castle & Grounds

Visit the 700 Year old CastleLocated 1 Km from Howth Dart Station

Howth Castle & Grounds

Howth Castle and estate are known to be one of the longest ancestral homes of one of the oldest Irish families in Ireland. The estate has belonged to the St. Lawrence family since the Norman Invasion of 1180. The castle went through what history says to be nine lords and fifteen Barons. Wherein the last, Thomas St. Lawrence then created the title of Earl to which four more succeeded him. The last Earl died in 1909 and since then the castle and estate has been in the hands of the heirs the Gaisford – St. Lawrence family.

In October of 2018, the Gaisford – St. Lawrence family announced that they had sold the castle and its estate. The estate also includes much of Howth Head and Ireland’s Eye. The land was sold to the Tetrarch Investment group. Since then, they have released a statement saying they plan to turn the estate into a luxury resort destination. Moreso a plot of this land, located at the gate to the estate was sold to Glenveagh Homes and it’s their intention to build up a residential development by 2023.

The estate is littered with some of the most beautiful heathland and flora that Howth can offer its visitors. Known for its beautiful rhododendron gardens, they’re a must see for anyone during their bloom. They flower huge bright mauve, purple, pink and red flowers during the months of May, June and July.

Many of our walks and hikes feature the castle and its land, so take a look and make a day out of it.


Howth Castle, Deer Park, Howth, County Dublin D13, Ireland